HCG is an SEC-registered investment manager at the forefront of private credit and special situations enabled by the digitization of financial services

Our mission is to grow client wealth through digital finance solutions


HCG invests primarily in small balance, short-duration private credit assets originated through digital channels, such as marketplace lenders and Internet-based payment systems.

As the inevitable disruption of financial services continues, we believe that companies and individuals will see credit enabled by digitization as an efficient borrowing choice. As this market continues its growth, private credit investors will need to access these assets.

This is digital finance investing.

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For almost 20 years, Hadi and Jose have been collaborating to invest in alternative markets. They founded HCG with a commitment to generating absolute and asymmetrical returns.

Zealous advocates of fusing fundamental investment processes with technology, engineering, and innovation, they have built HCG to be a premier investment manager of opportunities enabled by Fintech.

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