Endless Fintech Opportunities

HCG, a digital finance investor, is positioned to make what we believe are attractive investments in this market.

Built on the principles of fundamental investing and disciplined risk management, a deep understanding of the financial sector and the FinTech revolution, and the engineering skill needed to integrate holistically with digital counterparties, Digital Finance Investing is an essential capability for private credit investors.

Digital Finance

Borrower Benefits

  • Efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Customization
  • Diversification
  • Flexibility

Access Like Never Before

As these benefits become more recognized, we expect to see more borrowers embrace digital private credit as a viable solution for capital needs. Whether traditional or creative, this demand for credit opens the opportunity for Digital Finance Investing.

Small Business

FinTech is empowering small businesses, sole proprietors, and “micro-preneurs” like never before because they now have access to credit.

Student Loans

Student loans issued on an unforgiveable, lifetime guarantee, are now underwritten algorithmically based on likely career outcomes of a specific degree.


Mortgages that once required reams of paper and weeks of review are now underwritten and processed in minutes online, and burdensome personal debts can be refinanced, or additional credit granted at the click of a button.





Investment Savvy

Investment Savvy

Investment Savvy


Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Online access to small balance credit is changing our world in incredible ways. Students, entrepreneurs, and individuals are harnessing new opportunities for upward mobility through the power of FinTech.

Equalizer Bars

Our Role

This disruption has not only enabled a new breed of investment opportunities, it’s revolutionizing the way HCG thinks about our investments and their lasting social impact.

HCG was among the first investment firms to recognize the opportunities FinTech could provide in the private credit market.

To this ever-evolving sector we bring a distinct combination of:

  • Understanding the details of a rapidly changing financial services environment

  • Long term focus on value creation

  • Industry knowledge and experience

  • Commitment to engineering and technology

  • Stakeholder engagement with platforms and investors alike

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