Wall Street Meets
Silicon Valley

At HCG, we combine traditional due diligence and decision-making processes with technology and engineering to create a powerful tool suited for 21st century investment management.

We seek to unlock value during the investment cycle.


  • Research
  • Exhaustive due diligence
  • Active credit selection (when possible)


  • Effective automation
  • Proprietary risk management tools
  • Knowledge extraction
The information contained herein represents the views and opinions of HCG.  It is intended solely for informational purposes and is not intended to constitute investment, legal, tax or accounting advice.  The views about market trends and digital loan investing expressed herein reflect those of HCG management as of 2019 and are a reflection of our best judgment at the time.  They are subject to change based on market and other conditions, and we have no obligation to update them. Some of our comments are “forward looking statements.”  Actual results, however, may prove to be different from our expectations.